Bad is the new black

September 26, 2011
By Natasha001 SILVER, Montecello, Illinois
Natasha001 SILVER, Montecello, Illinois
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My feedback piece was on ‘Bad is the new Black’ By Anna. Anna tells you that she has never smoked, drank, Do drugs, had sex, almost had sex, or even kissed anyone. She adds a little humor to this little section she wrote.

She is telling us that bad are becoming more and more popular just like how black did. I do agree with her in some ways, but not all. Yes there are more teen parents today but also in the same time if you look you will see that not as many people have kissed anyone let alone have had sex! If she had just a little more proof then maybe I would agree with her a little bit more then what I do now. So in Others and my own defense I think she should have at least made a little more facts. I think more people should fallow in Anna’s footsteps.

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