50 Reasons to Live

September 26, 2011
By Courtney Howell BRONZE, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
Courtney Howell BRONZE, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
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“50 Reasons to Live” by Karen C. is a great article! When Karen was 14 years old she was depressed and wanted to die. She found no joy in life at all. When she tried to write her suicide note, her pen doesn’t move. Instead she ends up writing 50 reasons to live. Then through writing she became happy again. She would write all her thoughts down on paper. This would lift a huge weight off her shoulders and made her want to keep living.

This story caught my attention because it has 50 reasons to live. Some good examples of reasons she gives are; “I want to grow up to be something . . . The afterlife seems scary . . . I would miss fudge brownies . . . Life shouldn’t just be thrown away . . . With my luck I’ll have a lottery ticket in my pocket when I go . . . A lot of people deserve to die more than I do . . . Claustrophobics and coffins don’t mix.” I agree with the writer. Sometimes it helps me if I write down what’s on my mind. Then I re-read and see if it is a big of a deal as I thought it was to begin with. Karon’s story is very inspiring and hopefully some other depressed teens will read this and start their very own 50 reasons to live list.

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