September 26, 2011
By JaceFreiboth BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
JaceFreiboth BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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I completely agree with the movie review “Zombieland” by Zach A. I remember the first time I watched Zombieland; it was the best horror-comedy I had ever seen. The main character, Columbus, makes rules throughout the movie to survive the zombie infested world. Tallahassee, a zombie killing fiend, meets up with Columbus. And together they team up. Did I mention Tallahassee is on a quest to find the last Twinkie left on the planet Earth? All of the characters have their own hilarious personality in their own way. It’s a zombie apocalypse with all the humor you could take. With a little bit of romance thrown in. On top of all this, the movie has great graphics, a great director and a lovable cast. One of my favorite movies, hands down.

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