Responding to Behold The Teenage Goddess

September 26, 2011
By Elsa333 BRONZE, Montiello, Illinois
Elsa333 BRONZE, Montiello, Illinois
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“Behold The Teenage Goddess” by Michelle T had some very interesting points about independent girls falling prey to adolescence, and the things that come with it. Such as being popular, pretty, or gorgeous. As well as getting the guys’ attention. Michelle also talks about being the independent type, being your own person.
I agreed with this piece because it stated that the plain child is at a “disadvantage,” whereas the plain adolescent is a “failure.” Just because they don’t have the perfect shaped face, or deep blue eyes. The plain adolescent doesn’t take the time or energy to notice the changes in their appearance, because they simply do not care. Whereas the “special” adolescent may notice every single change because they do care. This passage also talks about how the absolutely gorgeous girl, with a twist to make her unique, automatically has a “shot in Hollywood.” All thanks to their looks. But the Plain Jane could be working in an office cubical one day.

I myself, am somewhere in the middle. I like fashion, but just like everyone else, I’m all for a day that includes wearing baggy sweats, no makeup, and wearing my hair in a messy bun on the top of my head. I do notice changes about myself, but I do not obsess over them. I get acne, and sometimes I’ll put cover up over it, but other times I’ll just let it be. My nails are chipped, a manicure every once in a while is a treat, but it doesn’t last long for me. My clothes may not always make a “something out of a magazine” outfit, but that’s okay, because it’s what I feel best in.

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