Responding to "Skinny Jeans: Sexy or Scary"

September 26, 2011
By Taylor909 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
Taylor909 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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In the article, “Skinny Jeans: Sexy or scary?” by: Isheta K, it informs readers of how skinny jeans can be dangerous. It describes the results of wearing skinny jeans could cause bladder, and yeast infections and more. Reading through the passage made me aware of these dangers.

The article could be helpful to many girls who love the skinny jean style because it suggests jeggings instead. Just a little transition could go a long way and prevent any discomfort and pain. I’m glad the information included saying this because I think that is important to know!

Before reading the article, the infections and other things skinny jeans can cause, would have never came to mind. I’m sure a lot of teens, as well as myself, have never heard of such a thing! I enjoyed the facts d info in this article!

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