"Teenage Goddesses"

September 22, 2011
By BrigitteG SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
BrigitteG SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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“Behold the Teenage Goddess” by Michelle T., held my attention with such an unusual title. When I read the title I thought the article would speak about teenage girls who might resemble “goddesses” because they have done something incredible in their community or have achieved a goal of theirs. However, the article mentioned “teenage goddesses,” teens that used their beauty to become identified. I don’t agree with Michelle, saying there are teenage goddesses. I believe everyone is different and beautiful in their own way, some teenage girls may use their “their sexy messy locks” or their “beauty… as a machine gun” but they are not goddesses. Why not? Well these girls might spend more time working and fixing themselves than others, and that’s ok as long as they do not become superficial, while other may dedicate their time to other matters such as school or family. In my opinion, a teenage girl should take of themselves physically and mentally and be well rounded. We as girls should be true to ourselves and be role models to others. Even though I do not agree with your views I appreciate you Michelle for writing this article.

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