Sharing Is Not Caring

May 4, 2011
By , Dupont, WA
Why is it that we feel the need to help the starving child in Africa before considering to feed the homeless man that sleeps under the bridge in our own backyard? Americans have dedicated entire TV shows to broadcast existing poverty in other countries. We want to build wells so the little African children can have clean water and send doctors overseas so the kids in India can have their clef lip fixed. We’ll even have a celebrity or two hold one of the children in need so other Americans are encouraged to fix everyone else’s issues. Don’t get me wrong, helping other people in need isn’t a bad thing, and our grace isn’t in vain, but how can you ignore your own problems in order to take care of someone else? Our government gives us a fantasy of security, with their pointless bailout plans and failing social security. Our government is questionably corrupt and you want me to spend my time helping another country get their act together when we don’t even have ours? America needs to help herself before she attempts to save the day in another country. It seems that we think just because we won over freedom we have it made. Lies. Our failure to take care of ourselves is just as stupid as giving someone else your oxygen mask in a crashing plane.

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