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March 17, 2011
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Editorial Robotic Heart

Forgetting someone you once loved is a very hard thing to do. In the poem, “Robotic Heart” by Kevin Castillo, published by Teenink, tells us about a failed relationship and about how difficult it is for Kevin to get his lost lover out of his head. In my personal opinion, I loved this poem. I could actually read it one time through and could understand what it meant without having to think to much about it.

I believe that Kevin still thinks daily about his exlover and is trying continously to forget her. At the end of his poem, he saids, “I notice it’s too late, you’ve crushed my HeartDrive with your Virus and now I’m stuck with you in my system.” His reference to computers drew me in, I thought it was a great way to explain his pain, just as a computer would if it had a virus.

This poem reminded of a personal experience, just a different situation. It made me meloncholy the rest of the day because this poem made me think about this past experience. To me, this poem was the most touching piece of writing I have ever read. I recommend you to take just one single minute out of your day and read this astonishing poem.

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