The OCD of the Bees

March 2, 2011
By Anonymous

The OCD of Bees

Society is surrounded by glowing bees. They buzz constantly, our ever prized cell phones, but more importantly most people carry bees around in their pockets and purses. Bugologists use them so much that every once in a while they start buzzing in the most inconvenient places possible.

Many are guilty of using insects in the wrong places. They use them so much that they are out buzzing constantly. Bugologist are obsessed with letting others know every thing they do that they don’t know the life with out them.
In the climax of a movie, before the most intense part, buzz buzz. A Bugologist’s pocket is having a seizure, buzzing in a place where it is specifically not supposed to be used. Hive Handlers don’t really care that it is disrespectful for their translucent bees to buzz every where. At least once a day at my high school someone will have their phone out and are texting. The texter doesn’t pay attention. They didn’t come to school to do anything but waste time; the bugologists should have stayed home.
Some use their bees so much that they don’t pay attention to anyone they’re actually with. For example two people go on a date but are using their bees the whole time. They don’t talk to each other at all. Insects cause people to not communicate.

Phones, when used improperly really are annoying to every one around the person texting. They are used too much. Trying to talk to a hive handler texting is almost impossible. You’ll be saying something, then buzz buzz,”hold on a sec” click click click click ”you were saying?” The bugologist doesn’t want to talk you because apparently someone else is more important.
The solution for overly using bees would be to cut down the number of texts that phones can receive. Bugololgists wouldn’t be able to buzz other people as much. For those who are truly obsessed there are addiction recovery classes for texting. It doesn’t really matter how the problem is solved as long as it is solved. Insects are used way too much.

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