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My Aunt

January 20, 2011
By JayLittlewhirlwind BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
JayLittlewhirlwind BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Never be scared of man.

I can relate to Stephanie when she wrote the article about her aunt being a hero to her. Just like her parents were not there for her, sometimes my parents were not there for me. I can consider my aunt Pela as my hero by far. When I walk to her house it is kind of scary and nerve racking to what to expect from my aunt. Sometimes she can be in a good mood or a female dog mood. Either way, she will be happy in the end and she will let me relax at her place for awhile. My aunt is my second mom as well. She will make me feel happy; feed me, and everything what a good mom will do to satisfy a person. So therefore, I feel my aunt is my hero and a second mom to me. Thank you, Stephanie for really making my day because at least I know someone different will have the ability to love a person.

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