The Reality of Harry Potter

January 20, 2011
By rmdelladonna BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
rmdelladonna BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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"The reality of Harry potter," by Maria de Guardiola from New York, NY. Maria, i think you bring up a
very good point in this article. Although i dont have the same problem i see where you are coming from. My step mom is hard core Christian and says she doesn't want us to watch Harry Potter due to the witchcraft in it because Christians do not beleive in that
nonsence.My reply is the same as yours, it is just a movie to let the young minds imagine and wonder away. The problem with parenting is they look to much into the story when they dont see whats right in front of there faces. It is just a fictional story that that kids can enjoy, especialy all the adventures that J.K.Rowling describes. Thank you for pointing out this problem and showing all of us what this story really means.

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Frtxzz said...
on Sep. 21 2011 at 8:37 pm
Your step mother is a very smart woman. It not only promotes Wicca (Luciferianism), it teaches you the names of many demons amongst other things. Slytherin, Azkaban... These are not made up names! This book screams occult symbols; unicorns, pheonixes etc.


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