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December 27, 2010
Sooo, I've been thinking lately, and seeing everyone else's complaints about the time it takes to get a submission approved, I decided to write a letter myself.

Dear Editors,
Why is there a wait for our submissions to be approved? I've had to wait weeks, even months! Writing is about self-expression, right? And if everyone is able to express themselves, why do our things have to be approved? Do you REJECT some people's pieces if you don't like them or if they're too "innappropriate"?? So, why is stuff being censored, also? Who cares if we slip-up a little bit here and there, it's how we feel! I know it's all about keeping the site safe and not leading to a bad reputaion, but still, if someone has an issue with something that someone writes, they can always press the "report" button, right? I think the best thing to do for the site is to let our submissions be posted as soon as we submit them. I'm sure a WHOLE BUNCH OF people can relate to me on this issue. Who agrees?!

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