Frenzy Mother

November 15, 2010
By lizgood11 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
lizgood11 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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Who’s ugly, immature, and drives their daughter to a fight? Well 39-year-old, frenzy of a mother, April Newcomb of course. Generally speaking fights have gone back to the beginning of time; but this one includes media frenzy and two moms doing the same things and only one getting charged.

To begin with, encouraging your daughter in a fight is not good, especially when you drive her there! That’s just what April did with her daughter. Image the conversation in the car, “Honey let me see those muscles, get that adrenalin going!” Anyway April was caught on video saying stuff like ‘kill her, punch her in the f@%# head.

On the other hand the opponent mom was not charged one bit and she was standing right next to April. It’s like they were having a casual dinner or something while watching the fight on CNN. As they watched their daughters get there faces pounded in the two mothers were standing there chatting, and there voice was caught video.
Also the Publics reaction was like laughing hyenas while they are about to get attacked by vicious lions. YouTube got over 200 views before they had to remove the video from the web. Not only was the fight bad because there was about 100 teens there and only one wanted to stop the fight, but even April was seen encouraging the fight. That is just hands down bad parenting. Not only was there just that fight; about a week later another fight broke out. This one included a mother and a daughter vs. a mother; the mother team was using a pipe as her weapon. After this fight the mother and the daughter were both hospitalized.

I think April is a frenzy of a mother. She encouraged her daughter in the fight and she even drove her there: this is just like allowing your children to play dodge the truck. Some may argue that we should not punish April.

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