"The Homework revolution" by SpaceKing800

December 13, 2010
While reading this article I leaned a quite a few things. I learned that students are only supposed to get the amount of home work that should only take them ten times the grade .So I am in 9th grade and I should 90 minutes of homework. In this case I have been receiving a lot more homework than I should for years. Also, I understand how much pressure teachers are under for us to get high test scores.
I also, know now that the reason for homework is being contradicted. The reason for homework is so that the teachers can see what you don’t understand. Teachers give us homework. Then they barely check it to see if we understood the material given in class. They gave so much homework they don’t always want to check it all instead they place a red check mark on the top of your paper .Since they do that and we don’t even know if we were right or wrong so we go on thinking that we were right along to go and have test and fail.

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