Never Give Up

November 19, 2010
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Let me state why I was highly motivated after reading the article''Never Give up.'' It helped me to start pushing and trying even harder. I can relate to your situation in trying to understand the English language because as of right now I'm having a difficult time of understanding the curriculum of English II and Algebra II.It may sound easy at times but these classes are challenging for me, bit this obstacle I am having trouble trying to get past will pay off in the end. I always encourage my siblings in school and sports. everyone needs someone to count on and encouragement for the journey for success.

I realize I must never give up in any situation that is handed to me.There are people out in the world that is always looking for failure.The school I am attending can be stressful.Most of my family did not expect to last long in the process.I know what my goals are in life,and I know to never give up on myself.

I've have thought about giving up in the past and had been thinking about it at previous times. I have even thought about giving up on school and just ''Stop'' trying. With the help of my grandma and family members I have learned to relax more and enjoy learning new lessons on life.As a good friend, I try to encourage my friends to never give up regardless of the situation or outcome. Goals may be hard to reach at times,sports can be a handful,but giving up is not an option for me.

My baby brother has gone through some life changing experiences, as and older sibling, I know he looks up to me. Me and my brother is always being ignored by the parents and holds a history of abuse in our heart. Through all the trials and tribulations and barriers in life,we will always remember to ''Never give up'' on what we are capable of doing in the future.

In conclusion, I feel that many people should read this article because in this finding topic it was easy to relate to. I was always and sometimes always was the child to doubt myself and hold a negative cloud over my head, but after reading this article I have learned to get more self esteem and believe in myself.

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halfofpint said...
Feb. 11, 2011 at 9:00 am
I can relate to this article and it helps me to realize what I have and how much God has blesses me.
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