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November 29, 2010
By Edmond Loi BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
Edmond Loi BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
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“Accused,” a terror‑filled short story enchantingly told by Katie Carr, contains the horror and shock of a dark masterpiece. This work of art stretches your imagination to nightmarish lengths as the story takes the reader on a bloody ride.

Vince is wrongly accused by a police officer of stealing a wallet. As the cop is patting him down, a shriek comes from an alleyway, and the cop goes to investigate. Little does he know that the scream will be the last thing he hears. Then Vince is also dragged into the darkness by the demoness.

As described in gory details that put the reader right into the scene, the demoness puts on a big show of terrifying Vince by feasting on the dead cop. Later, he realizes he has been framed for killing the cop – there's blood on his shirt and mouth! And there is a twisted ending to this twisted tale.

This piece of writing is polished, though bloody, but that is understandable since the author wrote this with the intention of giving readers a thrill. The artwork also seems appropriate, showing a bat‑winged girl hanging onto a building's edge. However, the best aspect of this piece is its descriptive writing that puts the reader in the forbidding alleyway and gives us a bittersweet oh-my‑god‑it's‑so‑bloody‑but-beautiful experience. All in all, a beautiful piece of writing that will shock and awe the reader.

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