10,000 hours of Perserverance

October 21, 2010
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The article I read was “10,000 Hours of Perseverance” by Christine C. I think this article is an interesting read because it’s about a girl who spends most of her life playing basketball. I can relate to this because I also love to play basketball and I know how hard it can be to practice and work to becoming better. In the article Christine didn't like basketball at first, but because of her dad, who made her sign a contract when she was three, the contract said she had to practice until she reached 10,000 hours of practice. I think this article explains how if you work hard on something you can get really good at it. I think this because Christine worked hard everday and became best in the state. I also like the way the author describes her life. For example in the article she write, “I clumsily grabbed it with both hands its nobby bumps felt foreign to me.” She said this when she was describing the basketball and I thought this was a good description. All these things made this article a great read and an interesting story.

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