Stupid Dress

October 21, 2010
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In “Stupid Dress” by Meg P, Meg doesn't like the dress she has to wear. She doesn't like it at all because she says the mirror and the dress hate her because she thinks she looks ugly. She says the dress is bullying her, making her feel bad and ugly. But then all the way at the end of “Stupid Dress” when she's wearing the dress she hates, it helps her realize that everyone's perfect. She says, “we’re all perfect. We just have to believe we are.” And it took the ugly dress to help her figure that out.

I don't like dresses either; I think they are horrible. Meg is right though, everyone is perfect in their own way. What defines perfect? Who says you’re perfect or not? I think that this passage gives you a good message about how to think about yourself in life. I don't think you should think about yourself in a bad way. If you believe you’re perfect, you are.

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