The Kid on the Bus

October 20, 2010
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I can imagine a kid on the bus being tripped and standing while the bus slowly moves forward. Gum would stick to his hair and notes would cling to his back. His lunch would be gone and books from his bookbag scattered on the bus floor. When I read ‘The Kid on the Bus’ by Dylan M I was actually suprised that he didn’t help the kid. You would expect him to. It would be the heroic thing to do. But like a bunch of indifferent people, they stand aside and do nothing but watch. Just like Dylan, I agree when he says ‘ He didn’t deserve it, that kid on the bus. He wasn’t any different from any of us.’. No one is different and yet everyone is unique. I was suprised the kid on the bus, made no move at all to hurt everyone who laughed at him. Why wouldn’t he though? Was he too weak to fight them off? Was he scared that if he told someone he would get hurt by those kids who ruled his bus? Or was he just peace loving and wanted to show those people that he wasn’t affected by them at all. I don’t know what he felt but I can imagine, going on your school bus and being taunted and mocked every time you walk in. I would hate to ride the bus if all that happened in there was me being humiliated by people.

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