Facebook: Not Making The Grade

October 19, 2010
By Maddy M. BRONZE, Chilmark, Massachusetts
Maddy M. BRONZE, Chilmark, Massachusetts
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“Facebook: Not Making The Grade” is a great piece by Audrey C. This story explains how many kids use their Facebook accounts more than they should and don’t study enough. I agree with her that using Facebook too much can have a huge impact on your grades. I can totally relate to this article. I have meant to only check my status on Facebook but it has turned into writing on everyone's wall. I know, poking friends, uploading pictures and anything else you can do. I should have been studying for a math quiz. On that quiz I received a not very satisfying grade even though i knew all the information. I just couldn’t stay awake. Also Facebook can effect your social life with the honesty boxes and people could say things to make you feel awful about yourself. This is a great piece because it gets quotes from teens and uses real life facts.

The author's comments:
Mrs. Hopson inspired me to write this.

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