Blackened Waters

October 18, 2010
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“Blackened Waters” by Dackary S., moved me greatly. This poem sends a powerful message about something I hope I will never experience or relate to. It could suggest a few things; it could be talking about a friend or loved one who has changed, or even someone who has died or is very near death.

Whomever the poem is referring to is being represented by water. In the beginning the water is beautiful and sparkling, however, in the end it is blackened and unforgiving.

Lines like “the slick, thick grasp of a monster” and “tangled wings” suggests a struggle, like someone fighting through a sickness.

“Slowly treading blue, moving closer to eroded shores” makes me think of a slow deterioration, leading towards an unavoidable end.

Another subject that “Blackened Waters” could be addressing is Alzheimer's disease, where the “killed fish” and “rotted roots of a mangrove tree” could represent lost and dying memories. It is “unforgiving” because no one could deserve this kind of fate.

In less serious examples, this poem could just be talking about a friend who has changed; someone who has suddenly moved away from you and become unforgiving and unkind. Someone close to you who is no longer a glistening, beautiful person, but has become dark, and unforgiving; gripped by the monster of peer pressure and the need for popularity.

I was greatly moved by Dackary’s “Blackened Waters”, especially with the interpretations I made about the subjects it could be addressing. I was especially sad thinking about how whomever this poem is talking about will never be the glistening, beautiful waters that she used to be.

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