Paper or Plastic? MAG

By Kyle Cosman, No. Platte, NE

Sophia A.’s article “Paper or Plastic” really opened my eyes. I had no idea that it takes 450 years for plastic bottles to break down and 1,000 years for plastic bags. Wow! Perhaps they should print that information on the bottles and bags to encourage more recycling. I really don’t know if it would help though.

Sophia is right when she says humans are lazy. I know I have been. After reading this article, I realize I can’t be lazy. We all need to do our part. Try bringing your own bags to the store when you’re shopping. If you have plastic bags at home, I suggest taking them to a thrift store so they can be used again. Please don’t litter. If you see litter, pick it up. Don’t think, I’ll let someone else do it. We all need to be proactive to save our beautiful planet.

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