Margot's Secret

October 14, 2010
By beaver25 BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
beaver25 BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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I have just read the poem “Margot’s secret” by Karen Jin. This poem is like describing an interview of a model does to stay on top. This poem shows people what they have to do to stay in life on top. This poem strictly tells you what goes trough in her sight and not other. By reading this poem as teenager about to find out what they going to do when they grow it’s like telling you think first on what you decide. So don’t think your future you want to think about what you are going to have to do for it.

Most of the poem writer describes how her she knows she wants to be a model but like she’s young she knows she can change her mind anytime. So by being a reader at my age of 15 telling me what I can do before I make my life’s decision. Furthermore see if any other way of deciding what I can do to change my dream or do to follow it. If any more people read this poem you will see its very passionate. So to me this poem is very good.

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