October 14, 2010
By cheychey8 BRONZE, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
cheychey8 BRONZE, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
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When I read “Cheyenne” by Kaitlyn Partin I was able to make a personal connection and relate to Cheyenne. I struggle in gym and I’m the one who always is far behind, and everyone knows. But my friends would always be at my side cheering me on. When Kaitlyn volunteered to run for Cheyenne, tears come to my eyes. Everyone started to protest about how “Dorks shouldn’t get special treatment” and how “Cheyenne is making Kaitlyn run for her.”

But Kaitlyn took her hand and they ran together. My favorite line out of this story was the last: “Dorks don’t get special treatment. Friends do.” This made me think of all my friends and how they care for me and always help me. It makes me feel like you aren’t always alone this world.

~Cheyenne Tilton, Oak Bluffs, MA

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