Letter to Ian S

June 3, 2010
By Anonymous

Dear Ian Serraillier,

I chose to write about the book Beowulf retold by you. I enjoyed reading Beowulf, it was interesting to read because it had a lot of action. I read this book until the end because I always wanted to know what was going to happen next. I didn't notice until after I finished reading the book that some of the characters in the book are a little bit like I am. It also made me wonder if I were in the book, what I would do in the characters situation.

I am really different from the character Beowulf in the book, Beowulf is a brave risk taker. I tend to be more cautious of what I do and I'm always rethinking my actions through before I actually do them. Beowulf was the hero three times throughout the book, I haven't done anything that big to be called a hero yet in my life. I am a little bit like the mother of Grendel the monster, because she wanted revenge when her beloved son was killed, I would also want revenge if someone I loved that much was killed or hurt. The only thing I wouldn't do would be kill the person who hurt my loved one because that doesn't make anything better. King Hrothgar called on Beowulf to kill Grendel so Heorot would be a safe place to stay. In a way I'm like the King because he just wanted justice, he didn't want Grendel dead for no reason. I would feel the same way if someone wanted to terrorize my house that something has to be done. The warriors in the book were supposed to help out Beowulf but they didn't because of fear. That part in the book reminded me of when my friend got into a fight and a part of me wanted to help her out because she was my best friend but I hesitated and ended up just letting her fight on her own.

Some things that I noticed that happen in our world that I hadn't noticed before is the fact that people hesitate to help out others even when they know it could help a lot. When the warriors could've been helping out Beowulf they just stood there, like when people are fighting at school and no one tries to stop it, they just sort of build a crowd. Also even though revenge isn't the right way to settle things people still seek it.

I thought it was weird that I actually somehow connected with this book, the books I have read either haven't reflected my life or I wasn't thinking about how they relate back to me. I didn't think I was going to like the story because I don't read often and I thought I wouldn't understand what was going on in Beowulf. I felt that I mirrored each of the characters in Beowulf.

Reading Beowulf made me see situations from different points of view, and made me learn more about what people usually do versus what the right thing to do is.

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