Dear Viewers

May 17, 2010
I have seen articles torn apart by readers. I have seen people to the point of tears because of harsh words said on this very website. I have heard rants and raves about articles that have virtually no structure just because they are about the latest pop sensation. I have read articles I thought were great, but got no publicity solely because the people with the "popular" articles sent links out to all their friends. I have read comments on people's stories about: "Read my work" "Please look at my stories". That's not what this site is for. I wish that people were more respectful. I just know there will be people who tear this article to shreds, if people get the chance to read this. But I need to vent. I need people to realize that you should think before you speak. You can express your opinion about an article without calling it "stupid" or "irrelevant". People post articles on here to get them out there. To maybe have a chance to get them published. Not to deal with insensitive people bashing and gossiping and chattering.

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