Why We Still Need Prevention Programs

March 20, 2010
By enchanted4yu PLATINUM, Calabasas, California
enchanted4yu PLATINUM, Calabasas, California
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Is it Science or Humans? After reading an article in the drugs/alcohol/smoking section of Teen Ink, I was quite astonished to find so much positive feedback on something I personally felt was disturbing.
While I respect everybody’s own opinion, I can’t help but feeling a simple ignorance in the writing. “WHY SCIENCE IS MAKING LIFE BORING…” states that because of science, humans are becoming more wary of illegal/ dangerous substances.
I agree, however, I think programs that educate teens about the dramatic consequences of doing drugs or drinking underage are extremely helpful and much needed. This article claims some of the best authors, musicians and more have produced their work while under the influence. It goes on to say that teens need to let loose so they can be like these prodigies. Although several novels and albums have resulted from false adrenaline, these works of art were not produced during teen years.
Therefore, if you do chose to partake in activities that can damage your health I think it is important to learn the effects of these choices when you are young. If you still feel the need to venture past boundaries, do so as an adult. Teenagers should have fun and bend the rules a bit once in a while, but not in a way that can affect them down the road in such impacting ways like drugs and addicting substances. It isn’t science that is hurting us; science is trying to steer teens in the right direction for their future.

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My name is Cayanne, and I feel strongly against drugs and smoking. Alcohol is okay in moderation and is not addictive for most people. There is a reason why some things are illegal and some aren't and I wish more teens could recognize that.

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