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February 26, 2010
By LexiLou SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
LexiLou SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
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The February issue of Teen Ink was filled with some remarkable poetry that I really connected with. One such poem, “Behind These Sunglasses,” by Katie W., really captured my attention. It had a lyrical quality to each stanza, and I especially loved the line “no one can blow me out/if they can't find my candle.”

“Behind These Sunglasses” accurately describes the conflicted feelings that people face, and the hidden questions that we all deal with at some point: how much do I reveal to the outside world? Do others really care about me? Whom can I trust? And finally, am I unique? Of course, this poem lets the reader answer these questions, and for once, I am eager to let my mind linger on the answers.

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