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February 25, 2010
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I thought “Defying Love” by Sofia Rivera, was a great piece! It showed how people, and feelings, are constantly changing. I’m glad that it was long, and it still kept me interested the whole time. There were so many climaxes and it yanked at my emotions. I could feel what I imagined her feeling.
The whole piece was completely relatable, in one form or another, to everyone. Everyone knows what it feels like to not trust someone, fall in and out of love, and always question “what if”.
The weaving of quotes was amazing; it brought more to the story than just words telling actions. There is more to life than action, and there is more to life and words. You must act as you say, and talk before you act. The human life is very complex and I think Sofia captured the situation, and it put into words very well.
My favorite part was when they said goodbye. It was so simple, and easily regretted. I don’t think I could ever handle myself having someone who meant something to me just leave, and just say “bye”. “Defying Love”, is a great story of how people can come in and out of our lives, but always are on our minds and hearts.

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