It's Not Worth It! MAG

By Alissa Borshchenko, Brooklyn, NY

“It’s Not Worth It!” touches on many aspects of shoplifting: who does it (“good girl” or not), how shoplifters think and feel, and that you will get caught, no matter how good you are or how innocent you seem. This article is written by a real shoplifter, one who suffered the consequences of her defective logic and wrongdoing.

I’d like to thank the author. It genuinely moved me, and I’m sure others felt the same way. I was amazed to learn the consequences of shoplifting: the $250 fine and the long record. Thanks for opening my eyes to shoplifting and how getting caught is truly the worst feeling ever.

I know now never to shoplift for any reason, and what to do if one of my friends starts stealing: tell them about this article and say, “It’s not worth it!” Thanks again for writing this rare, important, and truly amazing article.

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on Jan. 13 2010 at 10:11 am
this makes sense and i have been in tht place its true i been there and done tht and it aint fun u feel stupid after words


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