Keeping Music Real MAG

By Maggie Vinton, No. Platte, NE

I agree with Abby H.’s article “Keeping Music Real.” Music today is bland and offensive with a strong emphasis on pop and rap. Our local radio station often plays the same song three times in one hour! Usually it is a generic, ugly song that proves people are willing to settle for less.

Abby also says that most songs fit into a slim mold, and I agree. Do we really need another song about how rich someone is? If that person is so rich, why do they need to make another repulsive song?

Most of my friends think I don’t like any music because I don’t like the newest artist or the latest American Idol. I wish others would give indie or alternative bands like The White Stripes or Franz Ferdinand a try. Sometimes, as Abby suggested, digging into your parents’ old records can really pay off. But for now, I just hope people can realize there’s more music in the world than bubblegum pop.

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