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By Daria Chernysheva, Brooklyn, NY

It’s amazing how this piece touched my heart. “Mulberry Leaves into Silk Gowns” by Brenda Y. was not only a story of what happened in a well-told narrative; no, it was a realization put into words. I sometimes think about things like this. Often when I’m depressed, or angry, or in pain, I try to think about someone else. There are billions of people in this world, some were brought up well, others were not. We all see and believe differently. We follow separate paths, even if we constantly interact. We are privileged to live in a good country, attend good schools, eat healthy food, drink clean water, have a happy family. Among those billions of others there are so many who are worse off – terribly, disastrously – than us.

So, Brenda, who saw an old man’s courage and passion – his desire to talk, to laugh, to love, to live – discovered an amazing person. He is someone I wish I could have met. Truly I agree: the things we take as horrors – bad test grades, fights with friends – are nothing compared to what other people have to deal with.

And to someone who lives with sufficient money and family and care, how can they be so stupid as to hate the world or consider ending their life? If people thought about this and saw the courage and dedication some unfortunate individuals show, then this world might become a better place after all.

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