Woes of a High School Singleton MAG

By Leah Nolander, Phoenix, AZ

I loved Caitlin L.’s “Woes of a High School Singleton” because of her description and opinions on teen love – and her lack of a boyfriend. I wholeheartedly agree with her point that boyfriends in high school are not a necessity. The title of having a “boyfriend” is merely a label, and, as she stated, “Boyfriends don’t make you prettier, smarter, or more successful.” Furthermore, the idea that dating is necessary practice for marriage is ridiculous. High school experience is not the sole determining factor for a successful marriage.

Finally, who’s to say that one can’t be single and perfectly content? I happen to be a “high school singleton” myself, and I also happen to love life. Consequently, I commend Caitlin for expressing her honest opinion on this subject and completely agree with her arguments.

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