Dear Congressperson MAG

By Janan Zhu, Staten Island, NY

The article “Dear Congressperson,” by Ben C., perfectly conveys one of our nation’s important but lesser-known problems. Our government is constantly racking up more and more debt. We have rallies on abortion and on the war in Iraq, but I find it astounding that we don’t have widespread protests of our nation’s financial status. Money gets things done, whether you like it or not. If America continues accumulating debt as it has been, don’t expect our current state of affairs to change for the better.

Kudos to the author for voicing his thoughts on an issue that merits much more attention than it currently receives. It is we, the adolescents, who will inherit the society being shaped today. It would not be a good idea to simply wait and let the national debt increase unceasingly. Spread information about our country’s debt. Talk to your friends about it. Blog about it. Let people know we have a big problem on our hands. Hopefully, with some more awareness, we can work on eliminating the problem. Only when these shackles are removed can we truly improve America.

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