Neglecting Politics MAG

By Katie E., Wilmington, DE

     I was very impressed by "Neglecting Politics." I agree with Justin that most teenagers don't know enough about our government. This is a presidential election year, and we still have troops stationed in Iraq, yet people seem more interested in the Super Bowl half-time incident. It seems that many people in this country have their priorities all wrong.

The fact that America is a democratic country is what makes it special, but it is also what many take for granted. The right to vote is a privilege we should take advantage of. Teens especially need to get out and let their voices be heard because if they do not do it now, they are not likely to when they are older. I think the reason many people don't vote is not because they don't care, but because they do not know enough about the issues. This can be fixed simply by educating people.

This article is great: it gets its point across extremely well and in a very positive way. Instead of complaining about others' ignorance, he stays optimistic, saying we can overcome this problem. The discussion of current events in school could make a world of difference.

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