Intolerance 101 MAG

By Kelly F., Fredericksburg, VA

     "Intolerance 101" by Shawn G. really made me think. Some people (including me) may not know or understand much about Sikhs, but that doesn't justify treating them like dirt. No human being has the right to make another feel inferior. Just because someone wears a turban doesn't mean he is a terrorist.

Shawn wrote, "I can be a victim and remain oppressed, or I can be an agent of change. I chose the latter." To me, this statement illustrates the solution to the plague of racism. The answer lies in action. If people do something about unfair treatment, it will end. If people put themselves in others' shoes, we could better understand and even identify with differences. Then maybe racism would not exist. Hopefully, people like Shawn G. will succeed in getting the message out to people. He got the message to me.

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