What It Means to Be Southern MAG

By Erin B., San Antonio, TX

     When I came across "What it Means To Be Southern" by Lauren E. in the October issue, I could hardly believe what I was reading. Instead of giving an accurate description of the South, she merely confirmed many peoples' cliché views. I live farther south than New Orleans and hate that people stereotype me as a party-loving, booze-drinking redneck.

Throughout her essay, Lauren emphasizes the South's supposed love of constant partying and the endless quest for a good time, but trust me, that's not what the South is like, or what it should be known for. Southerners work hard at whatever they do, whether farming the flat and endless plains, or working in the business world.

I know Lauren was trying to describe Southern culture, but I think anyone could have told you that Southerners have accents and eat crawfish and barbeque.

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