Bush in '04 MAG

By Daniella N., Atlanta, GA

     I was very impressed with the ironic essay"Bush in '04." I distinctly remember staying up that fateful Novembernight in 2000, impatiently awaiting the results of the election.

WhenGeorge W. Bush was inaugurated, I felt queasy, and his actions have onlyconfirmed that feeling. The United States of America is not always right, as theessay points out. While Bush has done many things wrong, none of them are aspotentially damaging as causing most of the world to hate America.

Theessay just put into words what has long been on my mind. I am so happy that thisview could be shared since in America, we can say whatever we want (well,almost). I hope those who read this who will be old enough will remember thisessay when they vote in '04.

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