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By Josh K., Franklin Square, NY

     I'd like to commend John L. on his beautifully written article commenting on the sad, sad state of our nation. I agree wholeheartedly with every word.

You see, I live in Ignorant Suburbia, USA. Everyone is brought up spoiled and unaware of the tragic state our society is in. It is because of people like this that nothing is done to rectify the problems we face. Meanwhile in Iraq, our troops are busy maintaining order while our government attempts to Westernize the country so that it will be just like ours: full of ignorant, cell phone-wielding corporate sell-outs.

You have to admire Mr. Bush for his timing. I mean, what better way to distract the public from the almost $7 trillion debt we've accumulated in the past three years than to start a few wars?

I admire John's skill in identifying the Republican Party's corporate sponsorship of big business. I also applaud his mention of several important facts that must be restated over and over so that the nation does not forget them, especially how Bush's tax plan gives the most money to the wealthiest one percent. This displays the obvious truth that the President and his minions work toward goals that don't benefit the country or the general public, but rather the administration and its friends.

John's article was a breath of fresh air. It was concise and to the point. I feel better knowing there is another student out there who is so well-read on the issues. It inspires me and instills hope for our nation.

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