Simple Phone Call

February 12, 2010
By Joshua1 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Joshua1 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Without a doubt Courtney DeJoy's poem "Simple Phone Call" describes the majority of the human population.The peom illustrates the age old scene of a young boy/girl calling a boy/girl to talk o her and then realizing she/he isn't answering, and taht you have just wasted all that time and effort mustering up the courage to call. Let alone speak to the person if they answer. The poem not only depicts a person getting the courage to talk to their crush, it also accurately describes most of our decisions in life, like deciding whether or not you want to try out for a sport or a part in pla/musical when everyone says you're horrible or its just not what you have been labeled as by you're peers.It also can be said to show a situation were you must leave your friends beind when they are keeping you back. The poem encompasses all of this and more depending on a persons' perspective, the only thing the the peom is abundantly cear about is the last line wich tels you to try multiple times becuase you never know when life will surprise you.

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