February 12, 2010
By Jordie-NJ BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Jordie-NJ BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter-James Earl Jones

Every girl has felt that surge of excitement for a certain boy before. "While you chew your pen cap and tap your shoe and alotgether exist in general, is like 300 volts to the cranium,"; brilliant words! The way she explained how that boy made her feel was amazing. There is always one boy who makes you go crazy just when he says hello.
I love how Lydia compared him to a drink from Starbucks. Also, how she said he saved her $4.30 plus tax from the store. The rush from seeing a boy can never match with an extremely caffeinated cup of coffee.

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