A Snapshot Into the Past

February 12, 2010
By ShawraeYazzie BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
ShawraeYazzie BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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A sad memory to remember and hold is difficult to hide or forget.

Rebecca Tsuei’s story “A Snapshot into the Past” is a powerful emotional story. While I read this article it made me remember my great grandmother.

I can relate to Rebecca when she wrote about the last time she saw her grandmother alive. Her story brought out emotions and memories I tried to hide since my very own great grandmother went back to mother earth. Though I was at her funeral I couldn’t accept the bitter truth. The last time I visited my grandmother, she weep and gave tight bear hugs. Then I didn’t understand my langue but now I know what she cried. This article is a bitter sorrow story but I would read and remember my grandmother went back to mother earth happy.

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