Power of Words MAG

By Rachelle F., Golden, CO

     "By the bus ride home, I had gone from hopeful to sad, discouraged and extremely hurt." This quote from "Power of Words" was definitely written from the heart. Bullying in our schools and society is an ever-increasing problem. The author knows from experience how bullying really affects you. When people bully, it hurts. On the outside we may act as if nothing has even happened, or that the comment or gesture was part of normal life. But on the inside, it all scrapes away at our personality, character and even our better judgment. When people bully we know it's just for attention, but it affects us on the inside.

The writer wasn't afraid to share what she learned. She explained that we let peoples' comments and gestures go to our heads because the small voice inside us is saying What if I am that ugly, or stupid, or fat? That small voice helps us become aware of bullying. We need to tell someone to stop the chisel of words and gestures from chipping away more of our personality.

Bullying is a chain reaction. When someone starts to bully, that person expects the rest of their clique to follow. Standing up for what is right is the hardest thing to do because at first you are alone. Soon, though, someone who sees you standing up will get the courage to stand up next to you.

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