Teachers' Salaries

February 9, 2010
By pankyp BRONZE, Bradfordwoods, Pennsylvania
pankyp BRONZE, Bradfordwoods, Pennsylvania
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A professional basketball player can earn the same amount of money in a month that a teacher may make during his entire career. Dr. Spencer Holland, an educational psychologist, believes that while athletes deserve their large salaries, teachers should receive higher pay than they currently receive. A teacher does more valuable work than an athlete in terms of creating a just society and therefore should receive a salary proportionate to this priceless work.

To begin with, education is more important to society than entertainment. Without education, no society can govern itself wisely. While teachers offer education so that many citizens can contribute to a civil society, professional athletes provide few social benefits besides entertainment. Unlike athletes, teachers impart the practical and thinking skills necessary for society to function smoothly.

Furthermore, in contrast to athletes, teachers lay the foundation for others’ future successes. While professional athletes may provide inspiration for many young people, teachers foster students’ abilities to think critically about the world, develop responsibility, and contribute to their communities. “Athlete superstars would not be where they are without teachers,” says Dr. Holland. Teachers direct their students on satisfying vocational paths including athletics.

Moreover, if teachers receive higher salaries, more qualified teachers will want to teach. Thus, more children will receive a better education. The experts report that raising teacher salaries can reduce teacher shortages. Students currently receiving poor education due to teacher shortages might live more hopeful lives if enough people decide on teaching as a vocation. Teachers significantly impact their communities and the lives of young citizens.

On the other hand, the United States has a free market economy; accordingly, citizens pay more money for what they value. If people appreciate the entertainment athletes provide more than the education teachers make available, then maybe members of both occupations should receive pay according to their worth to society. However, if society values entertainment more than education, perhaps citizens need to examine their values. If society were to esteem teachers as much as professional athletes, perhaps teacher salaries would rise significantly. The American culture might appreciate teachers more if it realized the greater service a teacher provides to his community.

Finally, the work that a teacher performs ought to enable him to earn a salary commensurate with his indispensable contribution to a just society. Qualified teachers offer their students what they need to survive and thrive, and thus contribute to a sound democracy. Teachers provide a priceless benefit, one that athletes cannot. Citizens who value the contributions of teachers should write to their state representatives, advocating that teachers should receive higher salaries.

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