A Boyfriend? Not Now! MAG

By Bianca L., Decatur, GA

     I really enjoyed "A Boyfriend? Not Now!" by Alison S. in February. I must say I agree with her on many levels.

Although it is nice to have a boyfriend, our lives don't necessarily have to revolve around one, a concept I wish some of my friends would understand. A boyfriend is a commitment you shouldn't be able to back out after two weeks because you're bored.

You shouldn't define yourself by how many boyfriends you've had, or by the boyfriend you have right now, but by your morals and aspirations, among other things.

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on Jul. 20 2011 at 7:23 pm
LovableD BRONZE, Killeen, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Are you living or are you exsisting

i love it alot but also i would enphasize how the need for boyfriends is needed among adolesence and how young its started... but other than that it is realistic and true..great job



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