Piercing Pointers MAG

By Jeff S., Newfields, NH

     I disagree with Kim L.'s "PiercingPointers," and think she has a very closed-minded view of body piercings. Ihave five (both ear lobes, the cartilage in my left ear, my labret and nose) andplan on getting more. I have never had an infection and neither my doctor ordentist ever said anything about my piercings. I pierced my labret and nosemyself, but all the piercing parlors I have been to have been clean andprofessional and displayed their certification.

Everyone asks if mypiercings hurt, then give me strange looks when I say no. If you take good careof them, they will not get infected or take long to heal.

If you are notaware of your allergies there is a possibility that your body may reject thepiercing. If you turn out to be allergic, you have three options: take thepiercing out and waste your money; use another metal; get plasticjewelry.

Research the piercing you want and talk to people who had itdone. Ask where they got it done, if it hurt, how much it cost, and about itsbenefits and drawbacks. Just don't run off to some back-alley piercer, go to agood piercing parlor. Ask for the names of satisfied customers, and ask to seethe sterilization equipment and the certification. If the piercer won'tcooperate, tell them you will take your business elsewhere.

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