Gang Life MAG

By Yasmine M., Springfield, MA

     This was the most heartbreaking story I've ever read. It made me remember when my father was in a gang. His mom had a nervous breakdown just like Luis's did, and you'd think he'd have gotten out then. He told me that when other members wanted to beat him up, sometimes he would hide. One time they couldn't find him so they killed his best friend. That's when he knew he had to get out.

He thought that because the gang was like a family, they would let him out easy, but he was wrong. They broke two ribs and an arm. They beat him up every time they saw him for a while after that, but it finally stopped.

Luis is so smart to have gotten out of his gang. Now he can live a normal life without having to watch his back and living in fear.

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T-Dawg BRONZE said...
on Jan. 23 2015 at 10:10 pm
T-Dawg BRONZE, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
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"Oh, he's rude to everyone," said Isabelle airly. "It's what makes him so darn sexy."

Clary looked at her, perplexed. "isn't he your brother?" - City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

@AliceFurukawa I agree. It is very well written, but there should be more clarity. Great job overall! :D

on Jun. 3 2011 at 10:13 am
AliceFurukawa BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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I like it! Very well written! Not a lot of detail though. Good work! :)


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