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By Jamie T., Hamden, CT


Until recently, I didn't know about TeenInk. I'm really glad my English teacher had us read it because I found I wasinterested in every article. The one that really got my attention was aboutsteroids (called "Choices"). I was contemplating starting to usesteroids because, just like the author, Sean P., I was frustrated with peoplecalling me "small" or "lanky." I was at the point where Ididn't care what it took, I just wanted to get big. Working out seven days a weekwas just not cutting it, and friends at my gym who use steroids see immediateresults, so steroids sounded more and more like the best solution.

Istarted to save my money to purchase them but then my English teacher gave usTeen Ink. Reading "Choices" changed my mind - I went home and did someresearch and found out at least 15 bad effects compared to the one good effect -which is getting big. I'm really glad I read this article. I feel as if it savedmy life.

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