A Word's Place in the World MAG

By Tiffany P., Valle Vista, CA


In response to "A Word's Place in theWorld," I agree with 90% of what Candace C. said. It is true that whenyou look back in history, you see that the word n----r was meant in a derogatorymanner and that its use is a very complex issue. If black people use it amongthemselves in the presence of other races, how are those outside the culturegoing to know the effect it can have? I've had my share of Anglo-Americans referto me as a nigga, not necessarily in a negative way, but nothing positive evercomes from it.

I admit I use it in my household with my friends andrelatives, but we all know its meaning and derivation. In a sense, I add to theconfusion and ignorance of non-black people, but maybe ignorance and the n-wordgo hand in hand.

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