No Goyim? MAG

By Sara J., Seattle, WA

     The message in David S.’s article“No Goyim?” is important, but for what platitudes does theauthor assert himself? David submits to the first stirrings of adolescentdesire, cavalierly dismissing - seemingly without attempting tounderstand - his heritage. He does not realize that within the legalframework of traditional Judaism, conviction and compassion do notclash; on the contrary, the former leads to the latter. He does notrealize that this framework is not unnecessarily restrictive, butconducive to both individual and communal interests - for what lawlesssociety has ever been able to maintain itself?

David S. clearly hasnot studied (and does not comprehend) the meaning or beauty of aTorah-true life to make an informed decision for or against it. It ishigh time he educate himself - to show his religion, at a minimum, therespect he demands be shown every other.

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